Local Movers Qatar 

Looking for professional Qatar local movers located in Doha? Allied Qatar is the right choice.

We all know that shifting house is not much fun. From packing boxes to cleaning your old house and settling into your new home, it can take weeks to tidy up any loose ends that arise when moving house.

Allied Qatar is the moving company who take the stress of moving away. We provide a full range of house shifting services to make your move an enjoyable, well planned, experience.

Moving on a budget? Not a problem! Allied Qatar take pride in being able to help everyone move. We cater to movers on all budgets, and also provide an outstanding international moving service.

Movers and Packers in Qatar

Nobody likes packing boxes! At Allied Qatar we know just how boring and time consuming packing moving boxes can be. That’s why we are Doha’s favorite Moving & Packing service.

Our Movers and Packers pack all of your items into strong boxes, wrapping the most fragile items carefully so that everything arrives in one piece. No more do you need to worry about buying packing boxes, tape and protective wrapping, our movers and packers bring everything with them. They are fast, efficient, careful and affordable.

Qatar Moving Specialists

Whether you are moving within Doha, to Al Rayyan or Al Wakrah, the team that move you know Qatar inside out. Your moving quote will be accurate and your movers will move you quickly.

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Moving locally? Start planning your move today by contacting Allied Qatar 974.4016.6222, or request a free online quote today.