Pet Relocation from Qatar – What you Need to Know

“Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”. Lilo and Stitch

Do you have a treasured family member you can’t imagine leaving behind when you move to another country? Not sure about the do’s and don’ts of pet relocation in Qatar? Allied is here to help you manage your international pet relocation from Qatar by providing you with the information you need to get things done.

As hard as it is to relocate your possessions, pet relocation also needs proper planning in order to be a successful move. First of all, you can either import or export your pet as excess baggage or as cargo but they need to clear customs in order to get in and out of Qatar.


Cats and dogs are the most common pet to be imported in and out of Qatar. Your animal should be at least four months old before they can be brought into the country. When importing a dog, take note that there are particular breeds that are not allowed to enter Qatar. You will find more information at Hukoomi, the Qatar Government website.

Owners need to acquire a permit/license from the Animal Resources Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME). It is important to ID your pets through microchipping or tags otherwise your pet will not be allowed to pass through customs. Your pets should have been vaccinated at least 30 days before travelling. You can submit an online request to the MME by applying for a cat import permit or a dog import permit.

Import permits are valid for one month so make sure you have your pet’s documents ready when you travel. Secure your pet’s passport/health certificate, vaccination record and rabies certificate. Also, secure an entitlement letter if somebody else is picking up your pet from the airport for you.


When exporting, it is essential your pet has been checked by a vet to ensure it is in good condition for travel. Secure all the necessary vaccinations (especially a rabies shot), a microchip, and passport/health certificate.

Obtain a suitable transport container for your pet so the animal is more comfortable. Leave the container open at home, so your pet can get used to the look and smell of the container before you relocate from Qatar. When judging the best size for your pet, the length of the container should be the length of your pet plus half the length of their legs. The height should be proportional to the height of the animal and the width should be twice the width of your pet’s shoulders. Check in advance with airlines that would provide transport for your pet and make sure you know all the necessary guidelines in regard to pet export and IATA rules. Contact your Allied removals specialist for further information in regard to how to relocate your pet out of Qatar. Provide the animal with proper food, blankets, and other essentials, which your pet may need during transport.

Pets are more like family members so you will need to be responsible for making them feel as comfortable as possible during travel.

Allied will assist you as you start your journey to or from Qatar. For further information and queries, you may contact us through our website or our Qatar Branch at Allied Qatar, Palm Tower B, Office 4702 West Bay, Doha, Qatar, Tel: +974.4016.6222, Fax: +974.4016.6223.

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